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Although many surgeries are technically simple, the results at times can be unpredictable. Dr. Jonathan Hoenig, founder of the California Institute of Cosmetic Surgery, is an expert in repairing facial plastic surgery mistakes and complications. (Many so-called “mistakes” are actually due to the body’s healing process or unrecognized pre-existing conditions that lead to the complication). The most frequent “bad plastic surgery” outcomes on the face arise from either eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or face lift surgery (rhytidectomy).

Hollowness under the eyes
Traditional eyelid surgery involves the removal of skin, fat and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids. Sometimes what appears to be lower eyelid “bags” or bulging fat is in fact an illusion caused by a loss of fat beneath the eyelids that occurs with aging and hormone changes. Removing eyelid fat can create a hollow or sunken area around the eye, leaving a sad, tired, dark or skeletonized appearance. Restoring fullness with a “filler” such as Restylane or the patient’s own fat levels out the depression, correcting the hollowness under the eyes. Dr. Hoenig has pioneered new techniques of fat transfer to help the restored fat to last longer under the eyes.

Eyelids that are pulled down
Under-eye incisions used during eyelid surgery can cause scar contraction that pulls the lower eyelid down (eyelid retraction). This results in the whites of the eyes (sclera) being more visible, known as scleral show. Poor support of the lower eyelids before surgery can make one more prone to this complication. In addition to an undesirable appearance, this can create irritation from eye exposure (exposure keratitis), redness, increased risk of infection, and dry eye syndrome. Insertion into the lower eyelid of Alloderm grafts (processed human tissue) or a graft from the patient’s own hard palate (roof of the mouth) can raise the lid to a more normal position. Sometimes a midface lift will also help if the cheeks have descended and are pulling further on the lower eyelid.

Eyelids that don’t close completely
During eyelid surgery, too much skin and/or muscle may be erroneously removed from the upper eyelids. This causes incomplete eyelid closure, known as lagopthalmos. Many people are not aware that this has occurred, but they have typical symptoms of dry eye syndrome: redness, reflexive tearing, burning, dependence on artificial tears (especially in the morning), and a sensation of sand in the eye. Insertion of a gold eyelid weight in the upper eyelid will sometimes be enough to help the eyelid to close sufficiently. If this is unsuccessful then surgical repair is necessary to place a skin graft into the upper lid.

Dr Jonathan Hoenig practices in Santa Monica and Encino, California, suburbs of Los Angeles, where he provides the most advanced and innovative techniques in facial plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation today. To learn more about plastic surgery mistakes and bad plastic surgery, please link to the pages of this website titled “surgery repairs” or “facial repairs”, or contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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