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New Nonsurgical Face-Lifts Zap Wrinkles by Focusing Just Beneath Skin

Unlike traditional treatments, which alter the top layers of skin and require days or weeks of healing, the nonsurgical face-lifts work on the tissue beneath the skin, and can be done in just minutes in the doctor's office. The nonsurgical techniques are aimed at a younger clientele, who are too busy to deal with the days or weeks of healing.

Read Full Story: ABC News - July 8, 2003

Medical Glue Can Can Be Replacement For Stitches

Deep wounds that require emergency attention, or even stitches, happen millions of times a year -- especially during the holiday weekends. No one likes stitches -- but what if there was a glue to close the wound, instead of stitches? Now, there's Dermabond, a medical-grade cousin of Crazy Glue.

Read Full Story: WBAL TV - July 3, 2003

6.6 Million Americans Get Nip, Tuck, and Lift With Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in 2002

The top five surgical cosmetic procedures in 2002 were nose reshaping (354,327), liposuction (282,876), breast augmentation (236,888), eyelid surgery (230,672) and facelift (117,831). The top five non-surgical cosmetic procedures in 2002 were Botox injection (1,123,510), chemical peel (920,340), microdermabrasion (900,912), laser hair removal (587,540) and sclerotherapy (511,827).

Read Full Story: US Newswire - April 15, 2003

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