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BOTOX® INJECTIONS TO CURE BLINDNESS - new philanthropic use for BOTOX® cosmetic

Beverly Hills, CA - Eyelid and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hoenig has been selected to represent California on Friday, November 16, 2007 in an international fundraising effort to cure blindness. On that day, Dr Hoenig will offer BOTOX® Cosmetic injections for $250/cc (or $10/unit), with proceeds being donated to the Eyes of Africa Initiative of the One World Sight Project.

Cataract, a clouding of the lens of the eye, is responsible for almost half of the 7 million blind Africans despite availability of a simple $25-$50 procedure that could permanently restore their sight. The Eyes of Africa Initiative is working to raise more than $250,000 in an effort to complete the first comprehensive training center for community ophthalmology in all of Africa. In the pilot project in 2005 which was local to Southern California, 49 patients were treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic in one day, raising funds that cured 132 people of blindness in Tanzania and Tibet.

This year, on November 16, 2007, Dr Hoenig in Beverly Hills, California will be one of less than 50 select centers throughout the country participating in this event. Allergan, Inc. has agreed to donate BOTOX® Cosmetic, and Dr. Hoenig and his staff will be donating their time and expertise for this worthwhile cause.

After being selected to join this effort, eyelid and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Hoenig states, "When I learned that three and a half million people in Africa are needlessly blind because they don't have access to a simple cataract surgery and there aren't properly trained doctors to perform that surgery, I knew I wanted to help. It is my honor to donate my expertise and a few hours of time to make a difference."

Live cataract surgery will be performed in Africa simultaneous with the fundraising event in Beverly Hills. More information can be found at www.endblindness.org.

Jonathan Hoenig, MD, is an eyelid and facial plastic surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, CA. As an oculplastic surgeon and board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Hoenig has performed well over 10,000 BOTOX® injections over the past 15 years. More information about Dr. Hoenig can be found at: www.la-plastic-surgery.com.

Phone: 310.247.3777
Fax: 310.247.3778

Fast Facts:
" Every five seconds, someone in the world goes blind; a child goes blind every minute.
" 80% of the world's 50 million cases of blindness could have been prevented or cured.
" 90% of the world's blind people live in developing countries. 9 million in India, 6 million in China. 7 million in Africa.
" Cataracts are responsible for almost half of the 7 million blind Africans.
" In Africa alone, half of the 7 million blind people can be cured with a $25-$50 surgery.
" Cataracts occur at a younger age in Africa, disabling many in the prime of their lives.
" Two-thirds of the blind people in Africa are women.
" There are more cataract surgeons in San Francisco than on the entire continent of Africa.

Toll Free: 866-HOENIG-9 • Local Phone: 310-247-3777
Website: www.faceexpert.com • Email: Info@drhoenig.com

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