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What can I say about Dr Hoenig? Words cannot describe how pleased I am with my Facelift surgery experience. Dr Hoenig is a kind, gifted artist and passionate master - a true perfectionist with a sharp eye for the smallest of details- and a genuinely caring person.

For the last two years I have been searching for the right surgeon to fulfill my high expectations ... Having had the opportunity through my line of work to see many plastic surgery results up close, I was extremely discriminating in making the move. I knew exactly what I wanted and most importantly what I didn't want ... When spotting great results on my high end clientele, Dr Hoenig's name often came up.

During my consultation Dr Hoenig was sympathetic to my concerns, fears and issues. He was honest and confident , reassuring and alleviating all of my concerns. When meeting Dr Hoenig, it doesn't take long to see that he only has your very best interest in mind at all times. He took much time to discuss every aspect of the surgery in great length and understood my concerns with the issue of scarring, optimal goal/results and of course, the pain ...

Dr Hoenig not only addressed all my concerns, and although I had consistently seen some of his great work, I was most impressed with Dr Hoenig's genuine kindness and caring manner, as well as his attention to the smallest details. On my first visit I knew I had finally found the right surgeon and scheduled the surgery with certitude that I was in very good hands.

On the day of my surgery, Dr Hoenig and all his staff were warm and made sure the process was comfortable and painless all the way... ( Did I forget to mention that the whole procedure was under local anesthesia?... yes ...LOCAL ...and absolutely painless...) Yet, before going in, you can imagine one would start to feel a bit nervous to say the least ...and I did too ! ... But all I can gratefully say is that it was less discomfort than a Botox session! Not only did I not feel anything, but I was relaxed, feeling sleepy and didn't have any of the bad side effect of a full anesthesia. I expected to wake up in pain, all bruised and swollen , but to my surprise I wasn't, and after a good night sleep I woke up the next morning feeling normal. I had minimal swelling and I was hardly bruised.

On the first days post surgery I could already tell that Dr Hoenig had already exceeded my high expectations, and was amazed at the amount of extra work Dr Hoenig did to minimize scarring ,as well to preserve the little cartilage at the base of the ears just above the ear lobe... to leave the original shape of the ears intact. These are just a few examples of small details that Dr Hoenig will not compromise even if it means extra work for him ... but other surgeons so often bypass because it requires more work ... And that is what makes the difference between a stellar result and an average one .

As mentioned before, I have seen lots of facelift some by big names surgeons, and none of them compare to Dr Hoenig's work. He is a true master.

It has been less than a week and everyone around me can't believe I just had this done. They all marvel at how beautiful the results are and they can't believe there is no bruise and how minimal the scarring is for such an extensive procedure. I also need to mention that this was not a "lifestyle facelift" or a "thread facelift" but a full on facelift that required extensive neck , mid and cheek lift ...

In this day and age, with so many plastic surgeons offering procedures on every corners of our streets, yet so little of them having the talent for excellent results, I feel blessed to have met Dr Hoenig. This truly has been a great experience- before, during, and after - and I would recommend Dr Hoenig to anyone without any hesitations, knowing that I am passing on the blessing on to other women who will be so fortunate to know about Dr Hoenig.

A.B Beverly Hills CA

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